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Latest Currency News - Last Updated 30 July 2015

Why Is A Foreign Exchange Card Useful?
13 November 2012
Currency Exchange UK
A Prepaid foreign exchange card works in the same way other prepaid cards do but they are designed to deal with foreign currencies. The card has money deposited onto it by the user and then it can be used abroad like a normal debit card.
Sterling Reaches 2 Week High Against Euro
25 September 2012 16:00
Currency Exchange UK
Sterling hit a more than two-week high today against the Euro as concerns over whether Spain will seek a bailout and Greece fails to reach the targets of its own international rescue caused problems for the currency.
Travel Money Cards – The Convenient Way To Spend Money Abroad
07 September 2012 14:00
Currency Exchange UK
You can save money with a travel money card thanks to competitive exchange rates. No matter where you are going or what kind of holiday you are on, when you are abroad a travel money card is generally more economical, reliable and convenient.

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