Your Travel Currency Options

22 February 2012 - Currency Exchange UK

Your Travel Currency Options

With so many travel currency options available, it can be difficult deciding on the right solution for your travel needs. You may require the security of traveller’s cheques, prefer the flexibility of Travel FX cards or even opt for the convenience of cash money.  Before you decide, it is a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different travel currency options.

An obvious option is cash – you can exchange your pounds before you leave the country and you’ll have change to pay for taxis, food and drinks as soon as you arrive.  If you take enough with you, you can avoid withdrawing money from overseas ATM machines which will save you expensive bank fees. The main drawback of cash is that it can be awkward to carry and can pose a security risk.

An alternative is using your debit or credit card. Because most cards are accredited by a major network, you will be able to use them in a variety of countries in stores, restaurants and at ATM machines. They are also protected and less likely to be stolen than cash.  However, you’ll need to ensure that you inform your bank about your overseas card usage as they could suspend your card as a security measure.

Prepaid travel cards or ‘Travel FX’ cards are a lesser known form of travel currency but combine the functionality of credit cards with the security of traveler’s cheques. The card is pre-loaded with funds from your bank account and you can then use it in the same way as a regular debit or credit card.

For more information about different forms of travel money look online or via the Currency Exchange UK website.

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