Travellers Cheques

Traveller's cheques are one of the most traditional ways to carry currency abroad. They provide a secure way to carry money - if lost or stolen they can still be replaced, whereas cash can be lost forever. Therefore, travellers who need to carry large amounts of currency can have peace of mind. What should you look out for when comparing traveller's cheque services? The most important thing to check is what exchange rate is offered. This will be updated regularly so check the latest one to see how much you are saving in the exchange. Next, find out the maximum allowable amount of cheques as this may vary. If you are going on a long trip you may need a large amount of currency. After choosing your service, simply click 'Apply'.

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Travelex Travellers Cheques
Travelex Travellers Cheques

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Travelex Travellers Cheques
Travelex can offer American Express travellers cheques - ideal for travel to countries without a comprehensive ATM network and backed by the American Express guarantee of swift replacement if travellers cheques are lost or stolen. And because they donít expire, unused travellers cheques can be saved for your next trip. Always read the terms and conditions! For further information or to make an application click on the "apply" tab.Services


Travellers Cheques, Travel Money, Travel Prepaid Currency Card Branch collection service



1. Kiosks available for pick up at all major UK airports.
2. Commission Free
3. Travelex Guarantee best price or will refund difference.
4. Order can be cancelled up to 24 hours before departure.
5. Cheques don't expire



1. Cannot be delivered - must be picked up at Travelex Kiosk.
2. Cancellation charge is £10.
3. There is a 1.5% charge for using a MasterCard: Min £4, max £15 on the total amount payable.

Compare Travellers Cheques

Before going away make sure you are prepared for how you are going to spend your money once you get there.

Spending your money while you are abroad

There are 3 main options that you have for spending your money while you are away. These are travel money, travel FX cards or travellerís cheques. Before you decide what option is best for you, you should work out how much cash you think you will need so you can see how much you are getting for your money. It is important that you choose the right option for your needs.

Planning how you will spend your money while you are away in advance is guaranteed to save you money. Simply changing your money at the airport is probably the least cost effective option.

What are Travellerís Cheques?

Travellersí cheques are pre-printed cheques for a fixed amount in a single currency. They might seem a bit old fashioned but if you are visiting a country where credit cards are not accepted or you do not want to carry large amounts of cash then you might want to consider using travellerís cheques. Travellerís cheques are convenient; you can pick them up through a branch or order them online.

What are the benefits?

Travellerís cheques are much safer than carrying cash and are available in many currencies, can be exchanged at hotels, banks, foreign exchange bureaus and are also accepted at many shops and restaurants. They let you budget and control your travel expenses with ease and they do not expire so any used cheques can be saved for future trips. Travellerís cheques can also be easily replaced if they are lost or stolen.

How to use them?

When you receive the cheques you should sign them immediately on the top left hand line because in many cases you are not protected if they get stolen or you lose them until you do so. Remember to keep your cheques secure by not countersigning them until you want to use them. Keeping a note of the serial numbers will also help you if you need to report them stolen or lost.

When exchanging travellers cheques please note that commission charges may apply and these fees can vary depending on your location. Furthermore, you should also take into account where you are travelling to because more remote destinations are less likely to have outlets that will be able to exchange your travellerís cheques.

Finding the right service

You should take the time to compare different companies that can offer travellerís cheques to help you find the best possible deal. Make sure you look at all the features including fees, exchange rates and whether there are any additional benefits. Use the table above to find the right service for you.


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